Idaho City Pioneer Cemetery

A small piece about a little Boot Hill in rural Idaho.

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Unfortunately, vandalism and theft are a reality for local historic grave sites for communities like that of Idaho City, Idaho. Fortunately, there are those involved in historical preservation efforts to put these cemeteries back in order. Although this video is slightly dated it brings up some great topics. You can really feel the love the cemetery caretaker has for the grounds. It’s for people like this that bring older historic places back to life. Hoorah to these unsung local heroes! A bit of local information on this cemetery…

Here is some information on Idaho City Pioneer Cemetery (also locally known as Boothill Cemetery) from

Idaho City has been using this cemetery since 1863. Approximately 200 grave markers still stand and many of those have been repaired, restored, and maintained by the Idaho City Historical Foundation. It is estimated that 2,000 graves are scattered through the forty timbered acres. Of the first 200 graves, only 28 were for people who died of natural causes.

If you’re searching your genealogy the cemeteries are always a great place to start hunting. If you know of a loved one that passed away in Idaho City and might be in the Pioneer Cemetery and you would like a picture of the headstone we’d be happy to offer our help. Contact us and give us your information and we will see what we can do for you. Of course, of the 2,000 plus graves only a few have headstones or markers.

If you are into tracing your ancestry and tracing that path brings you to researching a long lost relative that may be buried at this site, the local community and information center is very helpful as well as informative. Among these unmarked graves rests those hailing from the Catholic community and Free Mason communities. Many of those interred in The Pioneer Cemetery were poor and could not afford grave markers that could stand the test of time. Unfortunately, some years prior to this story, a fire ravaged the mountainous community and destroyed many of the historic wooden grave markers. Hopefully those who truly care for this cemetery and believe in its historical value for the community and Idaho at large.

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Who I am and why I’m here

I have decided to start a blog based on my interests in historic sites, my travels, graveyards/grave sites, photography, and chronicling future endeavors involving such things. Instead of keeping a personal journal, I hope to engage with others based on my interests as well as experiences. This post is step one in the Zero to Hero challenge here at WordPress.

The topics I will go into detail about are the historic sites I visit, as well as the interest I have in getting involved in local historic restoration efforts of local communities.

I would love to connect with others who have similar interests and goals. I would love to see other bloggers completed or in process projects associating with historical sites or generally antiquated objects.

If I successfully blog throughout the year 2014, I would have hoped to accomplish forming or getting involved in an online community promoting the efforts of maintaining & restoring grave sites that are meaningful to local communities that typically will not receive help monetarily or get the volunteers to accomplish such tasks. Being a new member of AGS [Association for Gravestone Studies] I wish to learn from others who are involved in such efforts. As well as doing massive amounts of research!

Cheers to day one!