Historical Sites

Who I am and why I’m here

I have decided to start a blog based on my interests in historic sites, my travels, graveyards/grave sites, photography, and chronicling future endeavors involving such things. Instead of keeping a personal journal, I hope to engage with others based on my interests as well as experiences. This post is step one in the Zero to Hero challenge here at WordPress.

The topics I will go into detail about are the historic sites I visit, as well as the interest I have in getting involved in local historic restoration efforts of local communities.

I would love to connect with others who have similar interests and goals. I would love to see other bloggers completed or in process projects associating with historical sites or generally antiquated objects.

If I successfully blog throughout the year 2014, I would have hoped to accomplish forming or getting involved in an online community promoting the efforts of maintaining & restoring grave sites that are meaningful to local communities that typically will not receive help monetarily or get the volunteers to accomplish such tasks. Being a new member of AGS [Association for Gravestone Studies] I wish to learn from others who are involved in such efforts. As well as doing massive amounts of research!

Cheers to day one!